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Slechts enkele exemplaren in voorraad - op is op..........
( only a few copies left  ....)

Leipziger Buchkunst und Grafik-Design ; Arbeiten von Lehrern und Studenten des Fachbereichs Buchkunst/Grafik Design an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
176 Seiten  Ausstellung im Klingspor-Museum 1991
nu € 7.50

Memory Keepsakes : 43 projects for creating & saving cherished memories Thunder Bay Press 303 blz. Was
€ 26.50 nu € 15.00
It's easy to transform family treasures into wonderful, memory-filled gifts and home accessories. More than 30 projects show splendid ideas for turning ordinary objects - children's artwork, grandmothers' buttons, family photographs, and antique linens - into contemporary keepsakes. This guide also teaches collectors and crafters how to build 13 special boxes to store favored mementos, such as cherished postcards, letters, jewelry, photographs, and more.

Don Etherington - Bookbinding & Conservation ; a sixty-year odyssey of art and craft - Oak Knoll van
€ 49.50 voor € 25.00
This autobiography by renowned bookbinder Don Etherington takes the reader through his lifelong journey of bookbinding and conservation. Etherington documents his experiences teaching these trades and traveling throughout Europe and to the United States.

 Emily Hogarth - Papercutting for special occasions
Step-by-step instructions for festive decorations, invitations & More  van € 17.80 nu. € 10.00
 50 original templates included
• 20 inspiring projects to help you create your own exquisite works of art
• Also includes "About this book" and "Let's party!" sections

Sharyn Sowell - Paper Cutting Techniques for scrapbooks & Cards - Sterling Gebonden
128 blz. van € 19.50 voor € 10.00

Letman The Artwork and Lettering of Job Wouters
Letman’s typographic compositions are blazing new trails at the nexus of illustration and lettering.Gestalten Verlag - Gebonden 159 blz.
van € 29.90 voor € 15.00

Osterer, Heidrun / Stamm, Philipp Adrian Frutiger - Schriften Das Gesamtwerk[Adrian Frutiger – Typefaces: The Complete Works - Textbook ed. by Schweizerische Stiftung Schrift und Typographie 456 blz. (licht beschadigd )
van € 69.95 voor € 40.00 Slechts een exemplaar

De Dvd's zijn van slechte beeld kwaliteit en daarom nu slechts € 10.00 per stuk

DVD  Gilding For Calligraphers ...with Sally Mae Joseph  
Selecting and preparing vellum, slaking plaster, making gesso, gilding using loose leaf gold are all covered in this video from English scribe Sally Mae Joseph. Other topics include preparing gum ammoniac, gilding with transfer gold, painting with shell gold and color.(about 130 minutes)

DVD  Modern Gilding For Calligraphers
Curing and cutting quills, using quills and metal pens on paper and vellum and writing with gesso techniques are shown by Sally Mae Joseph in this video. She also covers using brushes on fabric, combining traditional and modern sizes and laying loose-leaf transfer, shell gold and platinum on vellum, paper and fabrics.(about 130 minutes)

  1. Steven Heller & Louise Fili - Scripts Elegant Lettering from Design's Golden Age- Gebonden 350 blz.
  2. van € 39.00 voor € 25.00
Filled with examples from a broad spectrum of sources – advertising, street signs, invitations, type-specimen books, personal letters – this collection will be a delight for designers and an invaluable sourcebook of long-overlooked lettering. From wedding announcements to IOUs, there are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of scripts, some ‘classic’, others eccentric. Whether elegant, quirky, fluid, brutish or ostentatious, these typefaces are stylized to suggest, imply or symbolize certain traits linked to handwriting.

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