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Steen Bartholomew, Sandy - Zentangle : creatieve patronen tekenen - Zuid-Ned. Uitg. 2013 paperback 48 blz. € 12.50
Ontdek de rustgevende kracht van patronen tekenen en verhoog je concentratie en creativiteit
Kun je niet echt tekenen, maar maak je regelmatig krabbels en kleine tekeningetjes in de marges van notities? Of heb je last van stress en ben je op zoek naar een leuke manier om je gedachten even stil te zetten? Of ben je gewoon graag creatief bezig met potlood en stift? Dan is Zentangle echt iets voor jou! Zentangle is een vorm van meditatie door het tekenen van patronen. Een Zentangle is een complex ogende tekening die heel nauwkeurig, lijn voor lijn wordt opgebouwd. Losse tangles of patronen worden vrij met elkaar gecombineerd waardoor een Zentangle alle kanten op kan gaan. Volg gewoon je gevoel! Er is geen goed of fout! Doordat je met je gedachten alleen gericht bent op je tekening, komt je lichaam tot rust. Zorgen en stress verdwijnen naar de achtergrond en maken plaats voor nieuwe inzichten die opborrelen door het zelfvertrouwen dat tanglen je geeft. Veel tekenplezier!
Joanna Fink - Zenspirations Dangle Designs - Design Originals 2013 - 16 blz. € 7.90
Zenspiration dangles are unique patterns that add interest and texture to any design. Gifted calligrapher and designer Joanne Fink shares her fun and relaxing techniques for adding dangle patterns to your drawings. Joanne demystifies the patterning process, and shows how simple it is to create richly textured dangles by breaking down the design into component parts. Whether you like to journal, draw, or doodle, you’ll find intriguing ideas here for crafting, designing, and decorating with dangle patterns.
Beckah Krahula - One Zentangle A DayA 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun
Quarry Publ. 2012 Paperback 128 blz.
€ 19.75
This step-by-step book is divided into 6 chapters, each with 7 daily exercises. Each exercise includes new tangles to draw in sketchbooks, teaches daily tile design, and offers tips on related art principles, and contains an inspirational "ZIA" (Zentangle Inspired Art) project on a tile that incorporates patterns, art principals, and new techniques.
Suzanne McNeill - Zentengle Basics Design originals - 2010 - 19 blz.  uitverkocht
Using a continuous line while drawing your tangles is akin to the process of stitching on a machine. Suzanne McNeill shows you how she uses this style of drawing to achieve great  results on a canvas tote bag.
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 2 : 40 more Tangles  -Design Originals 2010 19 blz.
Zentangle 2 expands your exploration of the Zentangle process. With 25 new tangles, you will discover the possibilities of decorating words and turning simple line drawings such as butterflies and animals into exquisite art. Tantalizing color brings your art to life as the calming and reflective process of Zentangle brings your life into your art.
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 3 - 40 more Tangles -Design Originals 2010 19 blz. € 7.90
These intriguing patterns all begin by following the Zen of tangle basics - start with simple lines and fill in the spaces, one step at a time. There are no mistakes, only opportunities. Like life, the designs develop into something unique and beautiful as they grow. This inspiring book is packed with plenty of ideas for combining tangles to create rich and delightful graphics.
Any image with open spaces provides a perfect canvas for Zentangle. Rubber stamps with outline images provide the perfect starting point for both skilled artists and those who think they 'can't draw'. Hearts, apples, jars, clothing, flowers, hats, leaves, butterflies, and animals acquire a fresh personality when the spaces are filled with Zentangles. 'Zentangle 3' allows you to continue your exploration of tangle possibilities and learn a host of new techniq
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 4  - Design Originals 2011 -19 blz. € 7.90
Learn new ways to jazz up cards, scrapbook pages, art journals, and anything else you can lay your hands on. It's all fun so get inspired and tangle something! Fuel your tangles with inspiration and dazzling techniques that leave your Zentangle designss sparkling. Learn to color with chalks, watercolors, pencils and pens; add bling with glitter, jewels, and sparkly inks. Dust off your brass stencils and plastic templates because you will be incorporating them into your tangle projects. Use tangle patterns to embellish and apply new techniques to bring dazzling color to your art. With 40 new tangle patterns, and endless combinations for using them, the possibilities for new designs are unlimited. With Zentangle "anything is possible... one step at a time™".
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 5 - Design Originals 2012 -19 blz.  € 8.50
Welcome to Zentangle 5 where tangles meet bling, encounter shrink plastic, dominate dominoes, and emerge as wearable art. Show off your passion for tangling with fashion jewelry artfully and uniquely tangled by you. Whether you make a bold statement to complement your jeans, accent an attitude, or just add a bit of bling to your day, you’ll find an appealing project here; along with 40 new tangles to inspire your ever expanding repertoire of design possibilities.
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 6 - Design Originals 2012 -19 blz. € 8.50
 More exciting tangle are here! Brass stencils are the perfect companion to Zentangle - the sections are already to fill with fun tangle patterns. Fresh ideas for fashion jewelry - rolled beads, see-thru resin, spools, shrink art make tangles useful, fashionable and easy to wear along with 40 new tangles to add to your life and design possibilities. Zentangle 6 will help you discover new creativity and explore new directions
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 7- Design Originals 2012 - 16 blz. € 7.90
Zendalas combine the inspiration of the Mandala with Zentangle art. Bring your Zentangles full circle with 40 new tangle patterns and ideas for making these beautiful sacred circles. Talented Certified Zentangle Teachers share their tips and designs for using watercolors and circular stencils, making mini Zendalas on metal rim tags, creating a Zendala spinner, or using the pre-strung tiles from zentangle.com. By following the step-by-step instructions inside, you'll find the process of Zentangle to be simple and truly relaxing.
Suzanne McNeill - Zentangle 8 Monograms and alphabets  Designs Originals 2012 - 16 blz. € 7.90
Elegant letters are the perfect way to personalize a greeting card, stationery or a memorable gift. Turn mundane mail into envelopes that promise something really special. Send special tangled thank-you notes and enclosure cards for showers, weddings and baby announcements. Using the relaxing process of Zentangle, you can create unique letters with stunning details and sumptuous bakgrounds - one tangle at a time. You'll be amazed as delightful designs flow beautifully from your hand.
Sandy Steen Bartholomew - Tangled Fashionista - Design Originals  2012   -
32 blz. € 9.50
Sandy Steen Bartholomew's latest book presents a collection of string shapes and designs remini-scent of paper dolls. Designed in her signature style with plenty of spaces to be filled with tangles and colors, you will love the women, shoes, tattoos and fashions. Perfect for every artist wanting a prepared canvas and anyone who just loves to tangle, these shapes are designed to inspire creativity and encourage further artistic  endeavors.
Sandy Steen Bartholomew'- Totally Tangled' Design Originals - Design Originals - 52 blz. € 14.50
Learn all the basics of Zentangle, plus tips on designing your own tangles (patterns). This book is filled with 52 pages of great ideas, Zentangle artwork, tips and a gazillion new Tangles. Get inspiration from 12 artists - all completely addicted to this amazing artform.
In case you haven't heard, Zentangle is a relaxing form of meditation that uses repetitive pattern drawing. Basically, it's really fun, addictive and teaches creative confidence. It's hard to explain, but really amazing!
Sandy Steen Bartholomew - Yoga for the Brain - Design Originals - 2011 52 blz. € 14.50
This much anticipated sequel to 'Totally Tangled' is just as tangled! Inside, the pages are jam-packed with Zentangle ideas, tips, projects and 60 new tangles. Zentangle is the perfect exercise to keep that big muscle inside your skull flexible.
Sandy Steen Bartholomew - Alpha Tangle - Design Originals 2011 -64 blz. € 8.50 
AlphaTangle - A Truly Tangled Alphabet" is an adorably teeny  book of alphabet letters created from Zentangle patterns. All the official Zentangle tangle/patterns have names and I have created each letter from the patterns starting with those same letters. The original art was drawn with a Micron pen and shaded with pencil.
Julie Eakes - Clay classics inspired by Zentangle - Tangles by Suzanne McNeill - Design Originals - 2011 - 51 blz. € 14.50
Whether you are new to Zentangle or are new to polymer clay, this book will ignite your creativity. Have fun and relax with tangles interpreted into polymer clay. Julie illustrates valuable techniques. She shows how to draw tangles on clay with a Micron permanent ink pen, make black-white cane designs, silk screen tangle images, make transfers on clay, and incise lines into polymer clay. You will love every method and project. Create stunning jewelry, earrings, beads, bracelets, medallions and boxes. With Zentangle, "anything is possible... one stroke at a time!
Marie Browning - Time to tangle
with colors - Design Originals 2011 - 51 blz. € 14.50
Marie Browning pushes Zentangle into the dimension of color. Using easy to follow steps, Marie illustrates 48 tangles and borders. More than simply coloring a tangle design, this book offers lessons which enable even the novice artist to use Tombow Dual Brush Markers to color delightful tangled images - this alone is worth the price of the book.
Cherryl,Moote, Cherryl - All Tangled Up-Moote Points 2012 Paperback 128 blz .€ 37.50
All Tangled Up delivers a wide array of options for displaying and organizing Zentangle tiles and ATCs. Among the projects in the book you will find cards, frames, cubes and books to showcase your artistic work. Each project in the book is perfectly sized for tiles or ATCs so that you can cut, fold and assemble in an immediate and stress-free way. Instructions are detailed and fully illustrated with clear diagrams and illustrations.
Kass Hall - Zentangle Untangled -
Inspiration and Prompts for Meditative Drawing - North Light Books 2012 Paperback - 128 blz. € 20.75
You’ll Love This Zentangle Drawing Book If: You want to draw inspiration from completed Zentagle works of other artists. You love doodling & want to explore the fun form of Zentangle  You’re looking to incorporate Zentangle into your art journal or other applications Zentangle Untangled is the first full-length title focused completely on the exciting medium of Zentangle! Known to some as the “doodling” process, Zentangle is perfect for artists of all skill levels. Through repetitive patterns, you’ll achieve focus & relaxation as well as exciting art pieces
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